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25 Jul 2013

No programming, easy to learn, Robust, Proven, extensive features and widely used ETL software that can promise a good career

Informatica Training Overview

Informatica Training Overview

Informatica training implemented at SR online training center is exceptionally designed for Fresh graduates and employees to gain expertise in Informatica power center and boost your career with advanced Informatica. Right from the basics to advanced level topics simply rely on SR online training center. With Informatica attendees can gain Great knowledge Workflow Manager and Monitor techniques, and deploy other strategies like creating transformations, mappings, reusable objects, sessions and workflows to retrieve, alter and load data. Gain expert level knowledge in topics like FTL, Troubleshooting, and Debugger usage tools.

You will flow through cleansing, formatting, sorting and aggregating policies. Awareness about implementing routers, update strategies, parameters /variables and overrides. Right from the basics to advanced level topics of Informatica are covered. Executing ETL operations is sole responsibility of work flow tasks in Informatica.

Why rely on us for Informatica training?

Informatica deals with proper and exact information for well-organized data management for obstacle smooth operation of a Firm. Online Informatica training is quiet popular in the era of modern times and younger ones interested in acquiring knowledge on concepts right from the fundamentals.

- With Enhanced Power Center 9.x analyzing the queries and problems is easy
- Power Center 9.x Designer is useful to install mappings that enable extraction, modifications to data
- Power Center assists Restoring, pattern, integration , association and beeline data.
- Error handling is simple with Power Center mappings
- Improved Workflow Manager installs and operates workflow to process sessions aggregated with mapping
- Develop simple mappings and workflows to meet business needs
- Power Center logs and debugger are helpful in fundamental trouble shooting.

Course Content

Course Content

An Overview of Informatica PowerCenter 9
- Overview of PowerCenter covering areas such as the Architecture, Terminology, Tools GUI, Mappings, Transformations, Sessions, Workflows and Workflow Monitor

ETL Fundamentals
- Flat file and relational Sources using the Source Analyzer
- Flat file and relational Targets using the Target Developer
- Mappings using the Mapping Designer
- Workflows using the Workflow Designer
- Monitor the workflow using the Workflow Monitor
- Preview Target Data using the PowerCenter Designer

Trouble Shooting
- Understand PowerCenter Log files
- View and look up error messages
- Correct mapping and workflow errors

PowerCenter Transformations, Tasks and Reusability
- Define list of PC Designer Transformations and Workflow Tasks
- Clarify Active vs. Passive Transformations
- list to load multiple flat files into a stage table utilizing expression and filter transformations to format and screen erroneous customer data
- Use Reusable Designer Transformations to apply same formatting logic to Employee records

Define Joins
- Clarify Heterogeneous vs Homogeneous Joins
- Use a Joiner Transformation to join relational and flat file sources
- Use the Source Qualify to join two relational sources
- Make use of Link Conditions to execute one session when the first finishes successfully

Using the Debugger
- Outline Debugger Interface
- Show creation of a break point
- Show Evaluate the Expression functionality
- Re-Execute mapping with different values

Sequence Generators, Lookups and Caching
- Define the Sequence Generator
- Define the Lookup Transformation
- What are the different types of Lookups?
- Clarify Lookup Caching
- Use a Flat File Lookup to add data to a relational target
- Build a Dates Lookup Cache for use in determining start and end dates of target records
-Utilize Event Wait, Event Timer and Email Tasks to wait for flat files and email users upon successful/failed load

Update Strategies, Routers and Overrides
- Build a mapping that uses Update Strategies and Routers to determine insert/update logic for a target
- Overrides will be used for incremental (daily) loading of the target

Sorter, Aggregator, Unconnected Lookups, Mapping Parameter/Variables and Mapplets /Worklets
- Define Sorter Transformation
- Detail Aggregator Transformation and Aggregate Functions
- Explain Unconnected Lookups and how they are called
- Describe Mapping Parameters/Variables and initialization priority
- Outline Mappets and Worklets
- Use these Transformations to create a mapping which loads records from warehouse Dimension tables to a Fact table

Workflow Variables and Tasks
- Use PC workflow variables to pass information from one point in a workflow to another
- Use an Assignment task to establish the value of a workflow variable within a workflow
- Use a decision task to set criteria by which the workflow will decide which execution branch to follow

Parameter Files and Command Tasks
- Use a Parameter file to make mappings and workflows more flexible by defining values for mapping variables, source files, database connections for sessions and workflow log files
- Command Tasks will be used to run scripts to rename and move files

Dynamic Lookups and Error Logging/Handling
- Use Dynamic Lookup, Router and Update Strategy in a mapping do a lookup on the target table and determine if the record should be an insert, update or logged to a file as an error
- Use PowerCenter Best Practices to create a mapping to trap fatal and non-fatal errors

More Lookup Functionality
- Create a Multiple Row Return Lookup, use Aggregators and Expressions to count the number of orders a Customer has as well as total the sales for that customer add those values to a target



- Real Time Training
- Use cases for practice
- scenarios explanation
- Free software
- Installation
- Presentations
- Documentation
- Daily class recordings
- VMWare Image
- Resume preparation
- Certification

Demo Video

Demo Video

Trainer Profile

Trainer Profile

Trainer of Informatica & OBIEE is a real time expert working in one of the top MNC’s. He is an expert trainer in understanding the student requirement and explains the concepts in a way students remember it for long. It a practical and job oriented approach, which helps the students to understand and implement the same when they go to Job.
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Expert Training
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The explanations and examples were excellent. The instructor peppered his presentation with humor and made a difficult subject very interesting and understandable.
Sujata, DW Architect, Top MNC

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